Interior Design Services

Luxury interior design, crafted by our interior designer London team.

The Complete Design Lab is an end-to-end luxury interiors showroom that allows you to browse through a range of different interior spaces, partnered with in-house interior designer London team expertise.

Over the past two decades, our dynamic team of best interior designers has developed an invaluable reputation for crafting elegant, sophisticated luxury interiors. Our interior design showroom allows you to browse spaces to implement across your residence.

In addition to creating beautiful interiors that add purpose and value to your house, the Complete Design Lab team of interior designers can also assist you with defining and enhancing your unique personal style. During our collaborative process with our clients, we learn about their requirements and skilfully turn their homes into distinctive and awe-inspiring spaces with our characteristic one-of-a-kind details boosting the aesthetic.

The Complete Design Lab award winning interior designer team has worked with clients all across the world, and we are prepared to bring our knowledge to creating interiors. Our designers provide experienced guidance and management for every project, from new construction to restorations to furniture packages, from the beginning to the end.


Interior Design

Interior design consultation is the first step that holds immense importance to us. During this meeting, your interior design vision is well defined and discussed. Our unique interior design vision discovery process is a tried-and-tested way to gain a thorough grasp of your goals, preferences, and design requirements.

We’ll determine the extent of the task and the budget and timetable. Then, if a new building or remodelling is necessary, our design team is picked to complete the project successfully. Following the consultation, we will offer you a detailed project scope, a list of suggestions, and an action plan, giving you an explicit knowledge and overview of what is necessary to finish your project successfully. So whether you want traditional interiors, refined interiors, modern art, antique furniture, interior schemes, or lighting design, we can accommodate all your requirements.

With our established interior architectural practise as a reputable interior design studio, our aim is to respond to the demands of each individual client, creating a truly unique environment. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest core materials and providing quality crafted bespoke furniture on a small or grand scale. These range from exclusive residential homes to first-time buyer properties. From small intimate restaurants and bars to large hotels. We also provide a personal service to clients who only require individual room settings.

Furniture Design

When it comes to creating trendy and classy furniture designs for both commercial and residential clients, we at The Complete Design Lab are the best in the business. Our furniture designers understand the importance of well-designed furniture that contributes to the overall indoor ambience, and they help create spaces that are refined yet eclectic aesthetic.

Working in tandem with our interior architects and interior designers, our furniture, fittings and equipment design team creates soft finishes and furniture schemes for each project, with the client’s lifestyle needs playing a pivotal role in the design and selection process of all pieces. By taking this holistic approach, our team stays true to our design philosophy of ‘True Design for Living’ to ensure that all design decisions are made in keeping with the look and feel of the overall interior design scheme and the client’s individual lifestyle needs.

We have furniture designers that are always keeping up with the latest trends in furniture patterns. The specialists at our interior design company will create cutting-edge designs that will complement your own style. The designs of furniture evolve with time, and our influential interior designers stay on top of all of the new developments that take place in the industry. This level of excellence allows us to stay one step ahead of our competition.


Space Design

Reimagine your space with The Complete Design Lab team of talented interior designers in London. Whether it is for commercial or residential projects, our interior designers follow industry-leading interior architecture practice to deliver the best space design aesthetic services.

Our interior designers interpret each client’s passions and style to provide innovative and exquisite interiors, curating furniture, textiles, art, and antiques. Interior spaces are often completely re-imagined beyond the decorative to eliminate boundaries between the built environment and a better way of life.

Each project is as personalised as a piece of art or couture. It is precisely this expression of design and dedication to every detail that has seen international clients become faithful followers of The Complete Design Lab, with each new home or international investment.

Furniture Sourcing

We understand that each interior design project is unique and calls for flexibility and collaboration from all parties involved. Therefore, we collaborate with our clients to develop solutions to their requirements and establish a budget that will allow us to create a custom selection of furniture that complements their needs and vision for their home or workplace. 

We collaborate with a diverse group of specialists, including interior designers, architects, and commercial clients, to offer furniture fixtures and sourcing projects of all sizes, budgets, and designs to our customers. We provide a large selection of contemporary furniture to match and compliment your current home style. Classic designs with a contemporary twist are available, as are clean, minimalist designs. The aesthetics of Scandinavian design to the use of vibrant colours influenced by various cultures are all choices for you to consider when selecting a style.

Our interior designers and procurement team invest a large amount of time in developing strong relationships with a wide range of incredibly talented craftspeople and designer-makers so as to offer our clients both the best of off-the-shelf and bespoke products. Every detail within a project is considered by our procurement team and finalised during a full installation service where the interior design and procurement team are present on-site to provide our clients with a luxury turnkey service.


Bring Your Dream Home To Life With The Complete Design Lab

At The Complete Design Lab, we believe that better-designed spaces contribute to happier lives.  That is why we aim to create an atmosphere in which everyone can flourish and express themselves in their most genuine manner.

Choosing room designs in various styles for you is not something we do carelessly; we want them to be representative of all the different styles available for you.

Whether there are renovation and restoration projects or you’re designing a home office, a bedroom, a living room or any other part of the house, we’re the go-to resource for interior design inspirations! There’s no shortage of inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing, thanks to our interior designers and a wide variety of interior design styles, colour schemes, and aesthetics available.

Our Process: The Key To Our Success

At The Complete Design Lab, we believe that our mission is to ensure that our clients’ lives and your house are maximised to the greatest extent possible. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, our highly sought after interior designers and multi-talented team delivers authentic style and bespoke pieces.

As we embark on our creative journey and collaborative endeavours for interior space planning and project management, here is your chance to turn your interior design vision into reality. We are your go-to resource for design advice and guidance. Our award-winning team of interior designers can give insight, assurance, and inspiration as we guide you through each stage of the process, ensuring that it is a simple and pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

Define Your Goals

First and foremost, your interior design vision must be determined. Our interior designers will meet to discuss your objectives, difficulties, requirements, desires, and aspirations before our team of Interior designers in London starts working on your project. We explore the scope of the project, exchange ideas, and come to a consensus on the best way to proceed. This is where we establish things such as timetable, the scope of the project, and budget. 

Conceptualise And Present

Following that, the interior design vision is developed. We lay up a thorough action plan and produce the design concepts that will serve as inspiration for the areas. Everything from space planning and elevations to floor plans, kitchens and baths will be taken into consideration.  Our team of interior designers will show the finished design vision during each milestone, including colour palettes, choices, and architectural aspects, for your feedback and approval.

Deliver And Follow-Up

In the last phase, the design vision becomes a tangible reality. Our interior designers collaborate closely with you as well as the numerous skilled crafts involved in putting the strategy in place that we have developed together. With the help of our London interior designers, your area is transformed into an exquisitely crafted design that goes well beyond your expectations and vision. Once everything is in place, we walk through the final design, concentrating on any outstanding issues that require attention and addressing them as soon as possible.

Our portfolio

The Complete Design Lab interior designers and dedicated procurement team work hand-in-hand to interpret each client’s passions and style, providing innovative interior architecture to include spatial plans, curating furniture, textiles, art and antiques. While the majority of work is focused on residences developments across the South East, including London, recent projects include locations in Brighton, Sussex and internationally.


The Barn


The Crest


Chesham Gardens


Totteridge Mansion

A "Only For You" Interior Design Awaits.

The Complete Design Lab takes pride in creating custom interior design solutions for its residential and commercial clients in London. 

Individual preferences vary from one individual to the next. Our interior designers will be able to accommodate your specific preferences and needs. Our interior designers work with you to determine your style and budget, removing the guesswork from the process of interior designing. Your designer will take into consideration your own style and sources of inspiration. They will also work with your current furnishings to create a coherent design and arrangement.

With your help, our interior designers will be able to visualise exactly what you want to include in your interior design projects. We place a high value on complete client satisfaction. This can only be accomplished if we are able to accommodate the preferences of the clients who have hired us to provide residential interior design services. For your approval, our interior designers will offer you a draft design that may be modified if you choose to make more changes. 

Get in touch with our interior designer London & Sussex team.

Are you planning a home renovation or thinking of redecorating a single space in your house?

Are you looking for modern interior design, coastal style, traditional style, contemporary style, or minimalist style? We’ve got you covered. Perhaps your style is somewhere in the middle between Rustic and Eclectic, but you’re unsure what it looks like. Don’t worry, we can assist!

 We understand that designing your house may be a difficult task, and that challenge generally begins with determining your personal design style. Do not be concerned if you are a die-hard fan of all things glam or trendy or if you have absolutely no idea what you are doing. Our Interior Design Ideas experts can assist you in discovering the designs that appeal to you.