Bathroom Spaces

Modern, eclectic bathrooms with a touch of elegance and simplicity are the hallmarks of our bathroom designs.

Bathroom Spaces

Professional bathroom design services with a luxurious touch

The Complete Design Lab has a team of full-time, in-house designers dedicated to providing our clients with innovative bathroom design services. As a result, we bring our years of experience to create stylish interiors that reflect each client’s unique personality.

Elegance is our hallmark

Modern, eclectic bathrooms with a touch of elegance and simplicity are the hallmarks of our bathroom designs. In our bathroom designs, we have mastered the fundamentals and added careful decorating and finishing touches. In addition, we offer a free consultation on how to achieve a classic stylish look or anything that you desire. 

An extension of your room

Our bathroom design services can help with any type of project, from master bathrooms to guest bathrooms. When you work with The Complete Design Lab, you have access to a team of collaborators and experts who can help you develop new ideas for your bathroom and house. 

An ideal oasis

With the help of The Complete Design Lab’s in-house designers, you can create the ideal bathroom oasis. With over 20 years of expertise in creating distinctive interior design and bathroom design for our clients, our interior designers can develop a design concept tailored to you.

In-style washroom design ideas

A luxury bathroom is not distinguished by the huge surface area it occupies but rather by the distinct elements that it incorporates. If you’ve always wanted a beautiful bathroom but were worried that your limited space wouldn’t allow it, The Complete Design Lab is here for you. 

Whether it is an elegant modern design you choose or a raw and dark-hued bathroom, bringing your vision to life is simple and, in some cases, even simpler with our unique small bathroom décor ideas that we have compiled for you. 

The Complete Design Lab creates a one-of-a-kind environment that combines elegance and functionality. We specialise in custom solutions for every bathroom design project.  For everything from bespoke cabinets to trendy sinks and everything in between, the Complete Design Lab is the one and only place you’ll ever need to go for all of your bathroom design requirements.


From showroom to reality

Our professional artisans take great delight in the attention to detail and the high level of client care they provide. In fact, The Complete Design Lab is the place for being inspired, getting assistance, and getting tailored solutions for your forthcoming bathroom project.